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Our Mission...

Our Mission at Leashes & Leads is to provide you and your pet with top-notch convenience, service and fun!  Our staff members excel in their knowledge of pets and products and are excited to share that information with you.  By offering an all around, one-stop shop for your pets that includes daycare, kennel, grooming, training and recreational services for your pet, we bring together families, friends and pets. 


About Us...

As a one-stop facility for your pet, we offer a wide array of features and services.  Owners can’t always be with their pets 24/7, so we offer our customers our Pet Resort services, including daycare for dogs, boarding kennels for those longer periods away.  We also provide the highest quality grooming services for your pet, and yes, we do groom cats!   For those dogs that need some help regarding their interactions with you or other pets, we also offer expert training classes.

We provide your pet with a number of recreational opportunities on-site.  We offer a private, 3+ acre, outdoor park including a smimming pond with a dock where your dog can roam free and interact with other pets.  We, also, have a sizeable, indoor, dog playground to provide your pet with some exercise on cold or rainy days.   After your pet has exhausted himself from playing, take them to our unique Coffee Shop where you can purchase a treat for them while you enjoy your own refreshment. 


Leashes & Leads: We are positively passionate about pets and pet parents!

1.  Building Community Through Pets: We provide an environment where people and pets come together. Pets are a bridge to get involved with people's lives. We build relationships with our clients and their pets. We are a place where people who share their love of pets connect and build relationships, we connect the community of pet lovers together.  We provide a six star location where people can come with their pets to enjoy everyday activities: having coffee, walking their pets, pet play areas, and leave their pets with us because they trust us completely.  Thus creating a community of pet lovers.


2.  Six Star Care Providers for Everything Pets: Our customer service is above five star, it is personal attention to each and every animal that comes in our facility.  We know their name and the name of their parents.  We build relationships with our clients and their pets as a member of our family.  We provide peace of mind to our clients because they completely trust us with their pets, based on our level of expertise, knowledge, education, and training. In our boarding facilities we provide added value services; clean our living quarters daily, our staffing ratio 1:12-15 dogs, we bathe dogs that are here for 5 days or more, we launder all bedding brought in. We will administer medications, manage dietary needs, and provide play time all for no extra charge.


3.  Your One Stop Shop for All Your Pet Care Needs: We are the place people come with their pets for training, education and knowledge of how to care for their pets.  We carry only the finest pet products and our staff is knowledgeable about all our products to help our customers get the perfect products for their pets needs.  All staff is trained consistently at their level to meet the needs of their position.

4.  Genuinely Caring for What's Best for Your Pet: We really care about our customers and their pets, or the pets we serve and their parents. The atmosphere within our business is bright, friendly, and professional with a unique blend of people and pet activities.  We have a staff that are pet parents themselves, they are passionate about pets.  They have a desire to help others enjoy their pets.  We love to listen to people share stories about their dogs.  Stories tell us how we have helped to change their lives as a pet parent.  We grow great Pet Parents.


5.  Helping Bring Joy to Pet Parents: Pet parents treat their pets like family, and so do we.  We provide them with the education, training and tools to enjoy their pets, making it easy to care fot them.  We go outside the box to accommodate the customers and their pets needs, because we are pet parents too.
6.  Building an Empowered Team Within a Family Environment: We really care about our customers and our team.  We work together as a family, serving the pet families we care for. Employees are encouraged to bring their pets into the business, to share their pets with others.  As highly skilled professionals in the industry we allow our team to do what ever it takes in the best interest of our customers and their pets.  We provide a family environment.  Our desire is leave a legacy of a family business that will provide care for pets in the community for years to come.



Leashes & Leads boasts...

a pet supplies store

a canine bakery and coffee shop for dogs and their people

a doggy daycare

boarding kennels

dog training classes

dog and cat grooming services

an indoor playroom for dogs for those cold or rainy days (RECENTLY EXPANDED)

a private, 3+ acre, outdoor dog park with a swimming pond and dock

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While presenting the Rochester Minnesota market with this unique combination of goods and services, we also aim to offer our customers reasonable prices and provide the most outstanding customer service in the market.   At Leashes & Leads, we promise to out-serve our competitors!



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